About Harpers Handcrafted

Harpers Handcrafted was founded with the intent to make something meaningful. In a world of pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all, generic, corporate, and unremarkable, we want to bring an undeniable uniqueness back to the things we produce. From marketing to woodworking, we handcraft strategies, projects, and experiences that are uncommon and undeniably full of the life and personality that reflects you and/or your business. 

About HH Marketing

HH Marketing taps into 20 years of strategic marketing and business experience to help you navigate your business and cultivate a marketing plan that meets your needs. Some of the services provided include marketing consulting, branding, and content creation.

About HH Projects

HH Projects takes you on project adventures with Laine Harper. Big or small, you can see how to create your space and how she make crafts and furniture. It’s a place to learn and be inspired to make something for yourself. 

Laine Harper

Founder, CEO

Marketing was my first love, and I was never able to shake it. I find that I am at my best when I’m solving a business puzzle – How do we grow? How do we differentiate our brand? How do we make a name in the industry? How do we know if our efforts are successful? After almost 20 years of corporate and agency marketing experience in every corner of the job, I have a deep and diverse background in developing and executing comprehensive, integrated marketing strategies, branding development and execution, and project management. Combining it all daily is how I bring value to my business and consistency to a brand.

As for projects, I was blessed into a family of makers. I was either in the kitchen or learning a craft with my momma, learning about power tools and putting things together with my dad, or even watching my brother create graphics/websites and build computers. Then, I got in with the arts crowd, and it was all over for me. Why buy something if you can make it…cheaper and with better lines? Why waste money on ONE table, when you can make it AND buy new tools for less. For a long time, it’s been my party trick; “Oh, yeah, I do woodworking.” And then I would wait for the big eyes and surprised gasp. I kept hearing, “I could never do that. I couldn’t possibly make something like that. You make it look so simple. Power tools are so scary.” No. Just no, my friends. You can do any craft if you can follow instructions.

I started on my DIY adventure about the same time Pinterest launched. There were all these things that I could TOTALLY make, all unendingly listed in front of me. I was living in a 13th floor high rise condo in downtown Chicago right across from Union Station. It was about 750 sq ft with an equally tiny balcony. It was there that I decided that I was going to make a reclaimed pallet bench. I had no power tools other than the drill my dad got me when I was a junior in college. I had no vehicle. I purchased what I could online from Home Depot and had it delivered to my condo. And when it came time for the things they wouldn’t deliver, I hitched a ride, lumber in hand, on the CTA. Lots of mean looks on that bus ride. I researched the noise guidelines for my HOA and when contractors could work. My living room became a workshop. My balcony was my construction area. I was hooked and enamored of my new abilities. You can do any craft if you are dedicated to completing it.

Let’s make something meaningful.