Handcrafted Business & Marketing Solutions

Business models and marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Your industry matters. Your clients matter. Your growth goals matter. I approach each opportunity with the same attention to detail and vision as a craftsman, marrying the creativity and messaging needed to attract clients with the functional execution necessary to meet your business goals.

Business & Marketing Consulting

What is your go-to-market strategy? And does it align with your growth goals? Consulting services can clarify your path to growth and how to connect with your target audience while also defining your sales process.

Branding Services

Consistency is key when establishing or refining a brand. Every aspect of your internal and external business presence should reflect who you are as a company and reiterate your purpose. A brand is much more than a logo (although I can help with that, too.).

Content Creation

Creating compelling content for your website, events, sell sheets, or other collateral materials can take the focus away from your day-to-day marketing needs. Let me help you create content that helps you refine your brand, gives industry insights to your clients, and/or helps your salespeople be more efficient sellers.

marketing for you, not everyone

I consider myself a craftsman. You have an issue, and the only way to solve it is to understand all of the nuances of your need and craft a solution that fits you. It may be a full branding overhaul. Or, maybe, you need to align your marketing initiatives with your growth goals. Maybe your logo just needs some love. The first step to overcoming your challenges is knowing they exist.

The process is simple: talk to me.

After our discussion, what you’ll get is an overview of what I would tackle if I were the owner of your company, what gives you the biggest bang for the buck, and what needs to be done first (second and third) to lay a foundation for positive growth.

let's get to talking

I want to help you craft the best strategy for your company. Let’s meet to discuss your needs, challenges, and next steps.